welcome to my studio

I'm so glad you stopped by!

My name is Carrie, although professionally I go by Carolyn. I grew up traipsing through the rugged forests of rural Northern Ontario, Canada. My weekends were spent canoeing, hiking, camping, and mountain climbing. After art school and teacher's college in North Bay-- and meeting my (now) husband-- we ended up in a small town outside of London, Ontario, which couldn't have been more different from my forest home. Trees were replaced with soft rolling fields, and I found a new love in the form of vast country sky.

Although I finished art school many years ago, the push to dive into creating full time came after the birth of my third child and the subsequent looming return to a job that I didn't love. After a few months of "what if's", and some encouragement from family and friends, I took the plunge. This little space holds a piece of my heart, as it symbolizes a return to my first love and a realization that anything is possible with the right support system. So...enjoy, and I hope you pop in often to see what's on my easel!